Hi there! Here are some great news to kick-start 2023!

First off, thank you so much for supporting my work. I’ve been overlooking this patreon and the associated rewards in 2022 and this is because everything was to be done and managed by hand, which was too much for me. But this is over! Let me introduce I’ve been working on this new platform “TimKrief Projects” for a bit and it’s finally functional and I’m glad to share it with you!

What is this TimKrief Projects website?

Do you remember that with each patreon membership, you have votes that you can use on projects to choose what I should work on during special streams during the week? That’s one of the main rewards and until now, since I had to retrieve your votes by hand and all, it wasn’t really working. Now everything is done through the Projects website!

That way, almost everything is automated. Plus, this website will be a great platform to easily add features and supporters rewards in the future!

How does this work?

It’s pretty simple! You go to the website, log in using your patreon account, (no account creation or stuff like that needed!), and then you should be connected to the website. You can then check the projects and cast your votes. You automatically get new votes each month based on your current tier.

You can also check the stats, how many votes were casted on each project and in the future how many time I spent working on each project during the special streams. That way you’ll be able to track that the votes are taken into account.

What now?

Just go on log in with patreon, and cast votes, it’s as simple as that.

And later today I’ll check the next elected stream and work on that project during the stream. It’s live, I can’t wait to see what you’ll think about it and how we’ll make it evolve! 2023 will be a great year and releasing this is a great way to start it!


What if I forget to cast votes?

No problem! Votes are cumulative. If you don’t cast them, they’ll stay on your account, add up as long as you are a patreon supporter, and you’ll be able to cast them later.

I’ve been a long time contributor, what about my votes?

I’m starting everything fresh here, so if you go to the projects website, you should have all the votes from previous months there, as if you never casted them! Have fun casting them on your favorite projects!

Why adding a new platform?

This is a new platform but it’s built using patreon API, so it should almost be transparent to you, no new account or anything like this. I created this new platform to add features that are not available on patreon, that I design and make, that are tailor-made for my work and that will help make your patreon membership more meaningful!

Let me know if you have any more question and I will try to answer here 🙂