Minimal Version 1.0.1

I worked a lot during the past weeks on the minimal browser add-on (thanks in part to the people who voted for minimal, it got 39 votes so far, that’s impressive). If you don’t know what minimal is, you should check this here. I don’t talk a lot about minimal here, but it’s a big project with more than 1.5k active users across browsers, so I’m glad to be able to share some news about it, and this is a bit of a milestone.

We finally succeeded to get minimal out of its long sleep. Just so you know what happened, to be able to provide some features that were highly requested, we were working on a complete refactoring and it almost got abandoned. But with some willingness this year we got it out of this state and it’s now out as a clean version 1.

Now that this is done, it will be way easier to go back to our usual work on minimal, improving it incrementally and updating it monthly during monthly project reviews.

The main new feature is that you can enable and disable the add-on on a per-site basis thanks to a new pop-up that you can display by clicking on the minimal icon.

After the release of 1.0, I did some fixing on one key new feature (togglable recommendations on youtube homepage) and I’m happy to say that it seems to be working now, so I pushed a new release 1.0.1. We will try to have a monthly release schedule from now on.

This is great news for minimal, it’s finally out of its beta stage and we are proud to release this version as 1.0.x. You can download minimal directly from the firefox add-ons website

That’s it for minimal updates, I can’t wait to share some CraftyCounty updates too, because I’ve been working even more on CraftyCounty,

Have a nice day 🙂