New visual identity and new streaming setup!

Hi there!

Recently I decided to revamp my visual identity online to improve it and make it more consistent. I’ve been creating visuals online for quite sometime, some of them were still from 2020 and all of those visuals were made with a different mindset. It was time for a refresh. We are talking new banners, new avatars etc.

I’m really proud of the result so far! But I think the biggest challenge was my streaming setup. I made brand new overlays and also brand new profile panels. It was quite a task! 

I used this layout for the last two streams and I tweaked them this week-end, they are finally ready for showtime! It’s way more enjoyable to use than the old overlays. Also I updated the old generated panels for handmade ones that are on-brand! Here’s a before and after.

If you want to check this out live, follow me on twitch, I intend to plan every week day for elected streams based on your votes!

It really feels like I’m turning back on a machine gradually. In January I released a platform for my patreon supporters. In February you used your votes for the first time and I got to work to test this system with some streams. In March I spent some time to revamp my visual identity. Now the streams are ready. Soon I’ll be back on youtube, and then I’ll release some of my projects.

Thank you for supporting my work!

See you in the next update!