A new space 🥳 and two milestones coming up!

Hi everyone, I wanted to make a post to let you know what’s up. It’s been quite a while without any news and I have a lot to share!

A new space

First of, in July I finally had access to a new space. More space, cleaner and most importantly, it’s not my bedroom! The fact that there’s a clear divide between my living space and my working space is a game changer. I might make a video tour of it one day, but let’s say that it’s ✨marvelous✨. It’s already making me way more efficient. I’m so happy it’s been a long time coming.

Hitting Two Milestones

I also have great news concerning my two biggest projects. Crafty County and Octahedrone are soon hitting massive milestones. Crafty county will soon have its own steam store page as “coming soon”. I just have to refine the description a bit and it’s out. It already had been approved!

The game is far from being finished but it’s already looking close to the final product so it makes sense to give people who are interested the chance to whishlist it.

Octahedrone is the project I focused on the most the last months. I ported it to Godot 4 successfully and I decided that I’ll make it available at a reduced priced as an alpha version. The game is really fun but I know there’s a lot I want to add to it, so it makes sense to let people play it in the meantime. If everything goes to plan, it’s going to be on itch.io this month. It’s exciting. To get ready for that release I refreshed Octahedrone’s webpage.

Where are the streams

I need to address the fact that there were no streams for the past months. This situation started because of the move. I moved my entire office from my bedroom to this new space. It made me unable to stream for most of the month moving all my stuff. I thought I would be able to get back to streaming but it did not unfold as I expected. Previously I had the feeling that I was making do. I was trying to make stuff on my computer in my bedroom. I was not feeling that I was working thanks to my work space, but I was feeling like I was working in spite of it. In that context the streams where a much more interesting and easy way for me to stay focused and work on my projects. I do not need this anymore, I just have to enter my work space to be in the mood and start working. I didn’t want resuming my stream schedule and interrupt my new productive mindset. On top of this, I expected a faster growth for this patreon page. A faster growth would make streaming every day, more viable. As of today, the patreon revenue would amount to less than 8 hours of work a month paid at minimum wage where I live. Based on a length of two hours per stream, it’s more like 4 streams a month than the initially planned daily streams. That’s why I decided to change the way streams work from now on. Instead of trying to have short daily streams that could break my workflow, I might stream onece per week, I think it will be on Sunday. In the future if there is significant growth on this page, I would be more than happy to spend more time streaming, since it would be more viable.

Four years retrospective

The past years where troubling. I started this journey four years ago, after graduating, instead of getting a well paid job I decided to try and make it as an indie dev. I had only saved money for less than two years. The first year, there was a global pandemic, the second I had to find ways to make money on my own and the third there was a key election in my country and I dedicated most of my time to it. During those three years I had to deal with personal issues. One of my relatives that I thought would be a key support in my indiedev journey showed their real face and I had to deal with them and the disappointment it induced. It has been hard but it’s coming together. Today I have a new space, new people surrounding me (including you 🙂 ), and my games are closer and closer to their release.

I can’t wait for what’s next, thanks for following me and supporting me through that journey.